Last sprint

I'm currently working hard on finishing up my GSoC in time for soft pencils down on Monday. It's coming along nicely but I still anticipate some pretty long hacking sessions this weekend. :)

Since my last post I've been working on getting the sidebar up to shape. A video says more than some-arbitrary-number-of-words so here's a demo:

Todo-list for Monday

  • Hook up the transportation mode buttons to actually change mode and make new requests to GraphHopper.
  • Make the label text inside the marker bubbles wrap
  • Fill in the To- and From entries
  • Make the To- and From entries work like the search bar. 
  • Figure out why the map view lags when a route is loaded

If you want to test the current state of the routing branch (using JHBuild) do the following:

$ cd /path/to/jhbuild_checkouts/
$ cd gnome-maps
$ git checkout wip/routing
$ jhbuild make
$ jhbuild run gnome-maps