The history behind the venue for this years GUADEC

My good friend Jonas wrote a nice little piece on the history behind the Folkets Hus and Folkets Park-movement and their relation with the labour movement here. Interesting read in general I'd say, but especially so since this years GUADEC is located at the Folkets Hus in Gothenburg.

See you all in Gothenburg!


Client side rendering in Maps

Client side rendering in Maps

So Jonas finally made the client side rendering stuff that he has been working on for a while public on GitHub. This is really exciting stuff for us since if it falls through it lets us implement our own rendering (in Hi-DPI if available) and offline mode while also being a foundation for future cool stuff.

Go check out Jonas blog post and test the code out. If you're good at math and algorithms we'd love to get your input on our code since we're not experts and still learning a lot.