GSoC progress

It's been three weeks since I last blogged about my GSoC project on implementing trip planning in Maps. That's way too long and unfortunately I don't have any demo-able progress to show. So what have I been up to this time?
I spent the remaining two days of week 26 trying to style the zoom controls that I mentioned in my last post according to mock ups. My thought was that I could just group two GTK+ buttons in a container, put that inside a ClutterGTK actor, add it to the map and then it would be easy peasy to just throw in some custom style classes in gnome-maps.css to make the buttons look like they should. Well the first part was easy, the styling however felt next to impossible and I eventually decided to post-pone it until I could find someone to ask for help on how to do this. Later on new zoom control patches were added to Bugzilla by Jonas¹ that just rendered the buttons using PNGs extracted from the mock ups. It pays off to be pragmatic, something I could learn from.
The following week was spent in bed with fever, coughs and Final Fantasy III on my Nexus 7.
The last 1,5 week I have been working on fixing a bug in Maps where we wouldn't pan to new user locations as they are retrieved from GeoClue. During the debugging process I tried to also do some cleanups as I had trouble understanding the code that dealt with the user location tracking. I pondered more than once over doing some rather massive changes to the code base but in the end decided to think some more about this when I'm in less of a hurry to finish what I promised would be done for midterm evaluation.
Next Thursday I will be going to Berlin to hang out with my girlfriend and some friends and then continue to GUADEC on the 31st. By then I need to be done with some working OSRM routing patches. Fortunately it is mostly hooking up some GUI left.

1: Jonas is an old friend of mine who recently decided to start contributing to GNOME by browsing through Bugzilla and fixing random bugs here and there. This makes me glad. :)